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“Divorce is not a game, but there is a need for ground rules.”

As your Real Estate team, we do not have a bias towards either party. Often times, utilizing the services of a realtor that is a friend or relative,  might initially save you money, but in many cases ends up costing more due to an inherent bias.

When trust is lost due to one party not feeling represented equally, clear

decision making becomes clouded and the process takes longer and

most often the eventual sale is financially compromised.


Through a strong marketing plan, neutrality, constant communication

and clear mutually agreed upon expectations, we will be able to sell your home quickly.


Many agents can sell a home, but divorcing couples don’t want a real estate agent who just hangs a sign on the lawn and only cares about a commission. They want a realtor who genuinely cares about what they are going through, makes them feel safe and helps them navigate the entire transaction. They not only need a highly skilled realtor who can get them as much money as possible for the sale of their home, but they also need a supportive advisor with top-notch people skills, understanding, compassion, and excessive patience, who can lead them through the many options available.


We recognize that no two situations are the same, and we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to understand your personal goals and best evaluate your options in order to help you both do what’s best for your family. Having personally gone through this, we empathize with your feelings. With that, we also see the big picture and we can help you "move" on to the the next chapter of your life.

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