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Yorba Linda Sunrise Rotary

I have always been involved with community service in some way, but I've never really been sure if I was using my time in the most impactful way. I decided to pursue my “volunteer calling” and explore a few neighborhood service groups. First stop..I attended the Yorba Linda Sunrise Rotary meeting as a guest this week. I went to the very early meeting with an open mind but part of me kept thinking…Do I have to wear a funny hat?…Are there any women in the group?…Is this a silly secret society?

Well, I have to say that I was genuinely blown away. I really had no clue until now how much work YL Rotary does for our community and internationally.

So what did I learn?

1. No funny hats

2. Not only are there many professional women in this group, but the President of this chapter is in fact a woman (Jan Horton). I also learned that several women serve on the leadership team.

3. Definitely not a secret society. The group was so welcoming and explained their Mission, Core Values and the Four-Way Test. If you don’t know what the Rotary Four-Way Test is, I encourage you to look it up….I think I’m going to make a copy of it and put it up on my refrigerator for the kids to see…haha.

This meeting was jam packed with topics ranging from recognizing achievements of local high school students to committee members letting the group know the status of their upcoming fundraising efforts of the famous Lobsterfest. Some spoke about serving a meal at the Ronald McDonald house, Corazon house builds, repairing cleft palette service projects and efforts to end polio internationally. This club is not a bunch of talkers…they are doers. This is a fun group of dedicated members, and I am humbled and proud to know that this club is representing those of us living in the city of Yorba Linda.


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