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Too good to be true?

You know the old adage: “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, right? When selling your home, it is important to be realistic about what the market says your home’s value is. Don’t fall into the trap of going with the agent who promises to sell your home for the most amount of money. Look at recent sales (comps) in your neighborhood and compare them to your own property. Are the houses the same size? Do they have similar upgrades? If so, then those figures should apply to the sale of your home as well. If there are variances in size, upgrades, lot size, etc., then adjust up or down accordingly.

Understand that a listing contract typically lasts around six months. A lot can happen during that time: interest rates, seasons, or the economy all can change. If a house is overpriced from the start, then sits a while on the market, a price reduction (or two, or three) is inevitable. Then, buyers start to wonder if something is wrong with the house. Why hasn’t anyone bought it yet? All the while, the seller is constantly keeping the house in shape for showings and open houses; vacating the property frequently to allow others in to see it. The agent will need to make money during that time so they will be trying to get business elsewhere. Why drag that on?

We aren’t interested in wasting your time, nor do we want to impress you early on by over-promising, only to let you down in the end by under-delivering. When you list with us, you partner with a team who knows that pricing the home right makes a big difference, in addition to marketing the houses and providing the proper access to potential buyers. Give us a call so that we can get you a realistic idea of what your house could sell for and to put a marketing plan together to get you your price quickly so that you can move on to the next chapter of your life.


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