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Digital Spring Cleaning.....

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a digital hoarder. I can clean out my closets like a rockstar, but when it comes to my phone and computer?...Well, I usually wait until it crashes or tells me there's not enough space to take a picture before I "clean" anything digital. Here are a few ideas to inspire you (and myself) to get motivated to digitally spring clean....

1. Update Your Contacts

Even in a digital age, business cards are still the order of the day in a lot of industries, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep a pile of them in a drawer. There are apps that can scan the business card information and import those paper contacts to your phone… freeing up a lot of space in the cup holder in your car (or is that just me?)

2. Update Your Professional Profiles

Profiles are like websites: they need refreshed content on a reasonably regular basis. It’s important that you keep all your professional profiles up to date, otherwise you’re not doing yourself justice and may even miss out on new professional opportunities.

3. Sort Your Notes

If you need a nudge to keep up to date with filing your digital notes, you can set meeting notes reminders(alarms) to prompt you to get filing straight after meeting with a client, so that very important business notes do not get lost in the digital note abyss of family grocery lists and preschool gate codes.

4. Back up Everything

There is literally no excuse anymore for losing information: you just have to keep backing up your data. Make sure that you are regularly backing up everything on all the devices you use (I learned this the hard way and still haven’t found about two years of family photos…UGH)

5. Detox From Social Media

Last but not least, take a look at your social media habits and see whether you can cut down on the hours you spend checking it. You could make a deal with yourself to only check social media while on a lunch break, or only before and after work. If you add up the time you spend checking these platforms, you might find that you have more time than you think to achieve those things that just never get done!


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